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Introducing the future in BODY SLIMMING!!
Long gone are the days that you need to diet and eat only salads to slim down for that summer Body!

EMS Function the EMS body massager massages and relaxes the body which helps enhance the effect of weight loss, for maximum RESULTS. Imitating  traditional Chinese massaging by - tapping, massaging, kneading, scrapping and shaping.
Can be tailor-made to YOUR needs and wants by using the different levels makes your skin double absorb the skin care essence which promoting deep moistening of skin, makes you feel and look much more younger.

Ultrasound Function - This helps bypassing the skin's surface and delivers collagen stimulating ultrasound energy to the deeper layers - Specfically the dermis layer is the layer which contains most of the skin's specialized cells and structures.

Photon Therapy - LED light therapy is used to help regenerate the skin from ageing, and is very effective and used for acne and other skin irritations. Using light frequencies, red is primarily used for anti ageing, while blue is used more so for acne treatment, lastly green light is absorbed into the skin and it helps lighten hyper-pigmentation spots, it also soothes the surface of skins with anti-inflammatory properties, primarily also used to treat dilated capillaries, sagging skin. (625¬Ī3nm red light) and (465¬Ī3nm blue light.) (525¬Ī3nm green light.)

Galvanic Helps the nutrition penetration deep into the skin with electrical currents (positive ions and negative ions). Positive ions soften the dirt deep in the pores and thoroughly cleanses your pores. Negative ions  cause deep down infusion of nutrients

Tightening & Skin Lifting

This tightens and lifts treated areas of skin and enhance blood circulation, relieve skin pressure, and make your skin firmer and more elastic.

Anti wrinkle
penetrates skin tissue, stimulating collagen and elastin production, it is just what you need for painless treatment that will result in smoother, tighter and youthful skin that your friends will admire.

NOTE - The EMS and Ultrasound functions cannot be used at the same time,however for other functions can be combined together at the same time.
It is advised to be used with a body slimming cream. 

You Should apply gels to skin before using Ultrasound therapy.

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