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Do YOU want to invest into yourself!? Get your IPL 3-1 Hair Removal TODAY.

As Used by your local beauticians, you could be saving yourself hundreds to thousands of dollars a year $$$. Never again spend money in a beauty salon.

IPL is the hot new trending device and most preferred method of hair removal, chosen by millions of women around the world. It is ideal for removing hair from your arms, underarms, legs, back, chest, bikini line and face.
NOTE - Not for use on red, white or grey hair, and brown or black skin tones.

The best part is this device has 500,000 flashes, ensuring a long lifespan. This is the case for each lamp (so you’re actually getting 1,500,000 flashes in total). that adapt to a wide range of different skin types. All while being able to do this from the comfort of your home.

It is advised to shave and/or preferably use  Hair Removal products prior to using the device to get the maximum results, as quick as possible, as the hair follicles can be blocked faster to reach the root when already reduced with these products.

For thin hair a 80% of people notice a difference after just 5 sessions, for thick hair removal a further 70% required  8 sessions.
After 3-6 Months of usage, the hair is visibly less and hair-growth is prevented.

Skin Rejuvenation Lamp -  provides skin treatment such treating black spots, redness, pigmentation correction and getting rid of damaged capillaries, giving you a vibrant youthful look.

Acne Clearance Lamp - Will completely Obliterate your acne in a new way, we guarantee with regular usage you will be free of acne guarantee IN no time.

Hair Removal Lamp - A quick, easy and time effective hair removal device with permanent results. With only 5 sessions you will see visible results.

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